There are many businesses that can be born with very little investment, the main question you should ask yourself is what do you know how to do? o What would you like to do? Once you have defined this you can see if your expectations can be met with a low budget or if you are going to need more capital.

From Maedem Blair Loan , we are here to support you in this initiative so in this article you will be able to find 5 business ideas that can start with an investment of approximately $ 5,000:


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If you are a writer, photographer or web developer, freelance work is a lucrative business idea that doesn’t require much investment to start your business .

Mainly, you will need your talent, a laptop and Internet connection. In addition, this work option allows you this activity with a fixed job and separate invoices as monotributista, autonomous or autonomous responsible, depending on your situation before AFIP. Today there are several web pages that are dedicated to publishing freelance work.

Vlogger on YouTube

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You may not know it, but You Tube pays those who publish their videos based on the number of people watching them. Since every laptop, tablet and smartphone comes equipped with a built-in camera, anyone can start creating videos and posting them on YouTube.

If you have knowledge that you can share (from how to make a recipe to how to use a program or pass a level of a game) or just be incredibly charismatic, you can start taking advantage of your vlog through the ads.

There are many small businesses and individuals that need services such as typing, transcriptions and style correction. As long as you have a computer, a printer and the necessary skills, you are ready to start your business . Like freelance jobs, there are pages where these jobs are offered and can be done remotely. Repair and maintenance of computers.

Think of all the computers that fail or need updates. Do you have the knowledge to repair software or hardware of other computers? Your knowledge is worth gold! You can start your business with a low budget based on buying tools or advertising your service. We are sure that more than one person will need your help.

Rental of different products:

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Here you can use your budget to buy inflatable machines or castles for children’s birthdays. The arch is super wide and there are many people who prefer (for the utility they are going to give) to rent a machine for a particular arrangement instead of buying it. Look what is the item that interests you and see how you can gradually invest your budget. If it gives you fruit, maybe you can go enlarging and diversifying the products to rent.

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