3 Tips for Exterior Home Maintenance

Your home’s exterior needs just as much care and attention as its interior. In fact, since it’s the first thing that people will see when you’re trying to sell it, it might even be more important! Here are just three tips for maintaining the outside of your property.

1. Perform Basic Landscaping

You don’t have to be a professional landscaper to keep your lawn looking healthy and vibrant. Just make sure that you’re mowing the grass at regular intervals and that you understand the hydration and fertilization needs of your soil. If there are any bushes in the yard, learn how to take care of their specific species. Trim away dead branches and trees. Not only will these efforts increase your property value, but they’ll also give you nice curb appeal in your community.

2. Mind Your Foundation

Most homeowners don’t even think about their foundation unless there’s a problem with it. This is a mistake! You should remain vigilant against things like cracks and water damage, especially if your house is already prone to them; you might be able to stop small issues from turning into major disasters. You might even want to look into waterproofing exterior foundation walls to fully protect your home.

3. Clean Out Your Rain Gutters

When’s the last time that you looked at your rain gutters? Your answer can have a surprising impact on your home maintenance needs. For example, if your rain gutters have any backlogs of leaves, nests or other debris, you might have water overflow that’s seeping into your roof and causing the wood to rot. Icicles are also a danger in wintertime; they can freeze and drop down on unsuspecting children and pets. Do yourself a favor and clean out your gutters at least once a year.

As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to keep your property in good shape. Use these tips and tricks to make sure that you’re properly maintaining your real estate. You don’t want your property value to decrease just because you let your grass die or your foundation crack!…

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Best Places to Buy A Home in San Antonio

When it comes to real estate for sale San Antonio TX is a hot ticket. Buyers of homes in this area are often advised to make their decisions quickly because apparently, a lot of people want to live here. San Antonio is known as a city that is exceptionally cleaAn and well-ordered, with a nightlife scene that anyone can enjoy. The city is exceptionally prosperous as well, so you should have no problem finding a job there. The city is home to six fortune 500 companies and provides services to four different military installations, providing a boost to the economy of 5.25 billion annually. For more information about the fair city of San Antonio, here’s a place to start.

An article like this is not going to be useful to you in determining exactly what kind of home you want. That is something that depends on you and your personal tastes. However, what I can do is give you a rundown on some of the neighborhoods and areas that you might consider.

First up, we should discuss the Broadway area. This is pretty much the hub of the town. A great many cultural and tourist attractions are concentrated in this area, and it is always a busy and vibrant place. there are all kinds of museums, gardens, and events that take place here. So, if you are considering buying a home here, make sure that you are someone that wants to basically be in the middle of a big party all the time. Depending on your personality and situation, this may not be good for you. Also, real estate in this area is quite expensive.

Second, we look at the classic suburban neighborhood, which is Stone Oak. A great place to raise a family, but the road construction leaves much to be desired as its maintenance has not kept up with the area’s population growth. Homes here are moderately priced and tend to have smaller lawns in favor of larger houses. For the family on a budget, this is a pretty good place.

Third, let’s look at a ritzy neighborhood. The neighborhood is called Alamo Heights and it is where most of the old money in the city resides. If you can afford it, this is a classy place that is hard to match. It’s only ten minutes from downtown but is somewhat hidden down the windy roads tucked behind Broadway. The neighborhood is known for being nice and quiet, and for having the feel of a small community unto itself.

But if you really want that small town old-time feel, take a look at Helotes. This area is more like living out in the country. Most of the homes sit on at least an acre of land and are completely unique. Whiles these homes aren’t cheap, no two are alike. This area was originally populated by people who wanted to escape the noise and crowding of the city.

No matter which neighborhood you choose, you are sure to …

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